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Thermography: An original infrared imaging technique that opens colorful access to a real time visual experience… of the human condition.  In other words, we can now see the unseen; the hidden clues to physiological function.  In order to stay healthy, it benefits us to know what is changing in our bodies… right now.  The Thermal imaging camera can do that: quickly, accurately, easily, comfortably and affordably.

Our Vision is to have clinical thermography available in every city…so everyone has the opportunity to stay vital and active by safely monitoring their health. We can provide that opportunity to you and your patients with quality and integrity. Med-Hot Thermal Imaging has been doing just that since 2006.  We want you to know what we know…and we can help you to do it the best that you can!




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TotalVision is specifically developed for Clinical use. Progressive, innovated and user friendly features make us the system of choice for medical professionals all over the world. You and your patients deserve the best of the best.   Training is not just a complement to our offering; it is our focus and passion.  Three full days of technical training and pre-training online study courses prepare you to professionally jump-start your career in clinical thermography.   We provide the tools to allow you respect privacy for your patient while imaging. Although the patient may say they don’t mind that the technician is in front of them during the exam, they appreciate the consideration and refer more friends!
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