Features & Benefits

TotalVision Clinical Thermal Imaging Software

Advanced medical thermal imaging software captures clear detailed imagery for comprehensive patient healthcare assessments.


Thermal Imaging Software


TotalVision Basic
For clinical technicians. Efficiently capture high quality patient images and information for medical interpretation.

TotalVision Pro
Includes special features for referring or reporting physicians requiring tools for detailed assessments and professional medical reporting. (Includes TotalVision Basic.)

Add Modules to TotalVision Basic:
Pay for what you need now, add features later.

  • TotalVision Patented Advanced Overlays
    For confident patient consultations; relates thermal patterns to the anatomy.
  • TotalVision Viewer and Report Generator
    For referring or reporting physicians requiring tools for detailed assessment.
  • Video Timed Capture Recording / Playback
    For specialized function imaging sessions.


Thermal Imaging Software Specifications
U.S. Patent 8.194.956 B2 / International Patents Pending


Innovative software and FLIR infrared camera technology captures accurate high quality patient images unmatched in medical infrared healthcare. Impress your clients . . . don't settle for less!


Medical Thermal Imaging Software Medical Thermal Imaging Software Medical Thermal Imaging Software
Meridian Overlays Anatomical Overlays Dermatome Overlays


Laptop or desktop computer   Hardware: HP or Dell Computer
  • Intel i3, i5, or i7 processor
  • 6GB of RAM minimum
  • 500+ MB Hard Disk and DVD drive
  • Three (3) USB ports minimum
  • Ethernet port is dedicated to imaging camera. Internet connectivity is via wireless
  • 17" wide-format high-definition monitor, 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolution

Operating System: Windows 8 or higher

Internet access  
  • Direct broadband high speed internet wireless connection required;
    5MB download speed; 1MB upload speed
  • Typical 2 to 15MB image file transfer size

Camera compatibility


Fully Radiometric Auto-Focus Medical Infrared Cameras:

  • A-Series: FLIR A305sc, A325sc, A655sc


Anatomical representations are for reference only and do not represent personal anatomy structures of the individual.

TotalVision is a licensed right-to-use software subscription product. The initial price includes first year license and support, including all updates released within the period. Annual subscription license and support fee is automatically renewed. Software key is assigned to a single user and cannot be copied or reproduced.

FDA Notice: Thermography is a complimentary medical imaging device. As a test of physiology, it does not replace any other imaging technology, including mammography, ultrasound, MRI or any other anatomical device.