Technical Thermography Training

THermography Training Florida

We have found over the years that two days of hands-on technical training is not enough to make a new technician confident or even skilled enough to provide a professional service to patients and clients.

We optimize the imaging time by providing online at-home training prior to the scheduled course to minimize classroom time. It is critical to prioritize valuable time on the computer with you behind and patients in front of the camera. Our students are already familiar with our TotalVision software features by the time they arrive for training.

We are proud of our training program and our professional trainers. Be aware that training must be a major focus for you and your provider to give you a jump-start for success. The training course is the bridge to your partnership with your provider as support during your first year in business is critical! Good, quality training is a key component of the entire system!

We train to the standards set by the American Academy of Thermology and encourage membership in that prestigious organization.

At the Course

  • We can effectively train two hands-on technicians but others from your office may come along to watch and learn.

  • We schedule multiple patients to come in during the four days of training.

  • We start with one region at a time, then combinations of regions on the first day.

  • By the second day we will have you doing full body imaging.

  • On the third day we let you try imaging on your own, but we are close by for questions and support. We will spend some time discussing marketing ideas.

  • On the fourth day we will have a full body patient for you to image on your own for your practical test and then the written test. Our plan is to finish around noon time so you can be at the airport in time for a 3PM or later flight.

  • We want to be sure you are ready to fly with thermography before you leave us!
  • We review the images that you send in later for interpretation for constructive feedback on your imaging technique.

At Home

  • We provide a step by step study manual

  • You will receive a narrated presentation on the introduction to clinical thermography so you can learn to speak to clients and patients.  You can share this presentation with those in your office who cannot or do not need to attend the training.

  • You will receive several short narrated presentations on the basic software features and why each feature is important to imaging success. You can review them as often as needed.

  • There will be a written quiz based on each presentation to be submitted before training.  This is be the major part of your written exam for basic training certification.

The Trainers


Thermography Training Carol Chandler, D.O.M.
Carol Chandler
D.O.M., A.P.

Thermography Training, Kristin Burton, Clinical Thermographer
Kristin M. Burton
Clinical Thermographer


Thermogaphy Training FloridaWe are located in Lakeland off of I-4 in Central Florida between Orlando and Tampa, so either airport works.

We provide all low carb lunches and one group dinner (carbs included).

We have a hotel near the office with great rates or you can stay at the Marriott Courtyard or Hampton Inn, both at Lakeside Village a few miles away.


Bottom line:  Quality training can be even more valuable than the camera itself.