Med-Hot Thermal Imaging, Inc.


Med-Hot requires a computer strictly dedicated to the single purpose of medical thermal imaging to maintain system integrity. Med-Hot will supply either a laptop or desktop computer if included in the price quotation. Warranty transfers to the end user. The computer manufacturer provides service support.


Access to the Internet via TCP/IP; Access to the Internet requires an Internet service provider, Med-Hot does not provide an Internet account.

For stability, a broadband internet wireless connection is required. Typically, broadband cable delivers higher speeds than DSL for fast file transfers. Download speed is 5 Mbps minimum; upload speed is 1 Mbps minimum. Typical image data file size is 2 to 15 MB depending on the number of images transferred.


Med-Hot provides comprehensive medical thermography training for clients at its Lakeland, FL Training Center. Price quotations include training and materials. You will be responsible for transportation, hotel accommodations and meals.

Contact Med-Hot for training information and scheduling.


A dedicated, professional and private space for imaging is of critical importance. A minimum space of 10' x 9' is sufficient for full body imaging. It is important that neither cool nor hot air blow on the patient. Room temperature setting should be consistently 68° to 72°F. The imaging space should be absent of windows as sunlight will affect imaging quality. Lighting must be florescent only, no incandescent bulbs. For further discussion please contact Med-Hot. Consulting design services are available if needed.


Med-Hot includes a one-year warranty on all new hardware, software and accessory products unless otherwise indicated on the quotation. Extended coverage is available for FLIR Medical Infrared Cameras.

FLIR Camera Warranty

A one-year warranty from FLIR is provided on newly purchased Radiometric Auto-Focus Medical Infrared Cameras. An extended warranty for Year 2 is available at the time of camera purchase. After the initial purchase an extended warranty may be added anytime during the first year by contacting Med-Hot.

FLIR Platinum Premier Package Year 2 Extended Warranty

After FLIR Warranty Expiration


Med-Hot occasionally offers previously owned or remanufactured cameras from various manufacturers due to trade-ins, etc. All cameras have a 30-day parts and labor warranty, unless otherwise noted on the quotation. Products are sold on an as available basis.



TotalVision Software is offered on a right-to-use basis and is key encrypted. A license key is required to operate the software.


Med-Hot partners with Physicians Insight exclusively for interpretation services. All interpreters are licensed medical physicians. A two-year agreement is highly recommended if your practice does not include a licensed medical physician trained to provide infrared interpretations. Go here for additional information.