Thermography Envy

  • Progressive TotalVision™ Software combined with world class infrared technology offers a presentation of dynamic, high quality images, unmatched in the field of medical infrared.  Impress your clients.  Why settle for less?
  • The anatomical representations are overlays  for reference only and do not represent the personal anatomy structures of the individual.
  • As a screening modality, thermography is not a standalone imaging device.  It is unique and does not replace any other imaging technology, including mammography, ultrasound or MRI.


    Neck Pain   Periodontal Problems   Neck Pain - Left   Upper Back Spasms  
    Lung Cancer   Spinal Inflammation   Lower Back Pain   Shingles  
    Breast Implants   Breast with Lymphatic Overlay   Digestive Problems   Stomach Pain  
    Back Pain with Overlay   Knee Pain   Varicose Veins   Carpal Tunnel