Privacy Imaging in the Office

Thermography imaging requires that the patient remove their clothing.  Traditionally, the thermographer has been in the same space with the patient and often viewing the patient during imaging.

Today, we have the ability to image the patient with privacy because of remote management of the camera and auto focusing, controlled at the computer in the more advanced cameras.

As seen in the imaging space illustration below, the thermographer can be in the same room, but not in view of the patient.  This is a fixed installation in an office, but the camera is portable and can be removed to a portable stand for off-site imaging. You can use a wall or screen , as seen below or a curtain to offer privacy.  The patient can be seen on the computer screen and the remote controls can adjust the camera.

The Remote Positioning Stand (RPS) is a permanent installation and attaches to the wall.  It is remotely controlled to move horizontally and th pan and tilt is attached for more exact positioning.

Privacy Imaging

Privacy Imaging with the Portable Stand

If you prefer to use the manual or portable stand, you can still offer privacy imaging, even in an off-site location.  With the manual stand a pan and tilt motor is attached to the stand and remotely controls side-to-side movement or small increment horizontal movements.  With this arrangement, it is necessary to manually move the camera horizontally if imaging various areas of the body.  The camera must always be at 90 degree angle to the imaging area of the body.

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We find the presentation is much more professional and the patient is much more comfortable with this arrangement and is more likely to refer their friends for thermography.

For those who are interested in an active thermography offering and need a dedicated area for imaging, we have designed floorplans to help with office configuration. See example below.

Privacy Imaging