Our client’s success is very important to us and we realize support is crucial, especially in the beginning of a new business.  You can count on Med-Hot to be there to help you.

Tech Support

Our on-line tech support team is always available to assist you thru our virtual network connection.  We can view your computer screen and trouble shoot in real time.  Our technicians are aware of every aspect of your imaging system.

Business/Consulting Support

Our extensive clinical experience in the medical thermography field provides you with an invaluable resource for thermography practice management support.

Marketing Support

You have full access to our unique marketing materials, marketing campaigns and advertizing assistance with proven results.

Interpretation Support

Physicians Insight Interpretation Service offers professional reporting by Board Certified M.D.s including a written report for your patient, your patient files and for presentation to a referring physician.  Reports include a written opinion as well as copies of the images.

Medical Thermography Support


"This unsolicited letter is to express our appreciation for the excellence of the Med-Hot Thermographic System you installed in our Clinic.

The camera, software have performed flawlessly for over one year.

The installation, instruction and support were ultimately professional from the outset. Your top-drawer support continues to this day as you strive to make us the success we want for ourselves"...full testimonial

-- Martin Plotkin, M.D., M.D. (H), F.A.A.O.S