Supporting Partners

Infrared Thermal Imaging Technology, also known as thermography is a highly specialized device.  Medical Thermography has been utilized for over 50 years and is in step with all technology and developing rapidly.  It is still relatively new in the medical application with more health care providers taking notice every day.

Med-Hot is preparing for the inevitable growth by partnering with others who are professionals in their own fields.  There is an inherent strength in working with others, and we feel that strategic partnering  is what sets Med-Hot apart from the others in medical thermography.

Med-Hot Thermal Imaging is proud to be the Medical Systems Integrator for:


  World Leader in Thermal Imaging Systems.  Affordable, FDA registerd infrared cameras are high quality radiometic 320 X 240 and 640 X 480 devices which are perfectly designed for the medical application. Marketed by Med-Hot, combined with TotalVision medical infrared software, as the MAX 76 and MAX 307 models.


Medical Interpretations. Med-Hot has confidence in the doctors who interpret for Physicians Insight and their professional reporting styles.


Med-Hot supports the IAMT and its membership, which is open to all thermographers, regardless of which technology they have purchased.