Fully Radiometric Auto-Focus Medical Infrared Cameras

Medical Thermography Cameras

FLIR is the World Leader in the Design, Manufacture and Marketing of Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras:

Features   Benefits
Clearly Defined Imagery   High accuracy and image quality compared to the previous generations of cameras with fewer pixels.
Easy-To-Use   Auto-Focus eliminates manual adjustment for sharp imagery.
Highly Accurate   Radiometric IR technology, the gold standard demanded by medical infrared experts, provides termperature accuracy for important studies.
High Stability   60 frames per second refresh provides maximum stability during the patient imaging process.
Protect Your Investment   Purchasing a high quality thermal imaging camera manufactured by an international leader in thermal imaging protects your investment for upgrade, trade-in or resell.

320 x 240
60 Hz

Med-Hot MAX 76

640 x 480
50 Hz

Med-Hot MAX 307

Med-Hot Max76
Medical Thermography Camera - Med-Hot Max 76

Medical Thermography Camera Med-Hot 307

Medical Thermography Specifications - Med-Hot Basic 76
Medical Thermography Specifications - Med-Hot Basic 76
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