Imaging Stands & Travel Cases


Graphical User Interface


Portable Automated Stand
Part # 30307

The remote-controlled portable automated stand supports privacy imaging through a function on the computer screen. The unit is engineered for reliability and durability and presents a professional appearance. A custom designed carrying case is available for easy transportation.



Wall Mount System
Part # 30308

NEW! The wall mounted imaging system is similar in function to the portable stand, except for permanent installation in the imaging space. The system is ideal for clinics and practitioners that have a dedicated imaging room. The system provides ten additional inches of vertical camera positioning height.



Portable Manual Stand
Part # 30050

Basic portable stand with manual positioning is an excellent economical option for entry-level thermographers. Includes fold up legs and manual pan-tilt platform.



Rolling Camera Case
Part # 50103

The rolling camera case features Gore-Tex automatic pressure equalization, double throw latches, lockable hasps, rubber over-molded fold down carry handles, retractable handle, inline wheels, and custom foam interior to accommodate the camera, pan-tilt motor, laptop, and cables. The case meets airline luggage regulations.



Hand-Carry Camera Case
Part # 50104

The standard hand-carry camera case is similar in functionality to the rolling case above. It is a cost-effective storage solution for suitable protection of imaging equipment while on the road.



Mobile Automated Stand Travel Case
Part # 50105

The travel case is molded from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, the material specified by the U.S. military for cases and containers, and manufactured to meet or exceed ATA 300 Category. TSA lockable hasps with keys, inline wheels, multiple handles and customized interior to accommodate the mobile stand for the traveling thermographer.


Designed to Protect the Automated Stand