Why Med-Hot?

Medical Thermography Lens  

Med-Hot is Light Years Ahead!

Our goal is to stand out in every facet of the medical thermography business.  Your success is important to us because that is our success.  These are just a few of the many benefits that we have to offer:

  1. Investment Protection with name-brand technology
  2. Progressive, imaginative, highly functional and easy-to-use TotalVision™ software
  3. Camera features combined with accessories to allow for privacy imaging
  4. Hands-on training with experienced, professional thermographers who know what its like to get started.
  5. Support by personnel with years of medical thermography experience to help you with all your thermography needs, including pre-desgined materials and images for your website
  6. Interpretation services provided
  7. Supporter of The Institute for the Advancement of Medical Thermology (IAMT) , the professional thermographers association that will keep you in touch with other thermographers and the latest developments in the industry.


An opportunity to experience the Med-Hot advantage with an on-line demo.

You are never alone with Med-Hot Thermal Imaging. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself. We will help you build your thermography business, one image at a time.


"As a medical imaging professional for nearly 40 years, my number one priority was the best possible quality infrared camera for medical applications that I could find.  My second priority was support.  Med-Hot Thermal Imaging met both of these criteria. 

Carol Chandler was wonderful to work with and an excellent trainer.  As a bonus I was able to contract with Physicians Insight for my clinical interpretations which are far superior to any others that I have seen. 

I would absolutely refer others interested in medical thermal imaging to Carol Chandler and Med-Hot Thermography. If you would like to talk to an actual client I may be reached by calling 928-649-6018."

-- Carol Conti, R.T., C.T.T., Arizona